Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do each day at camp?

Each day at camp we will have multiple on water practice sessions broken up by breaks for lunch, bathroom breaks, and various fun activities. Our campers will have not only the opportunity to learn and improve on their wakeboard and wakesurf skills but also do all the fun things that kids want to do at camp like play games, swim, and relax on the beach.

Do we offer any discounts?

Every customer will receive a referral discount of $50 for each new camper (Day and Overnight camps only) they refer. So if you refer 4 campers, you will receive a $200 discount. Additionally, each camper who is referred by a current or previous customer will receive a $50 discount to their camp price.

What about lunch and snacks?

Campers can bring lunch from home or can purchase lunch from Pig Tails at Aqualand during lunch breaks. In addition Wake Lanier will provide water, gatorade, and snacks while on the boat. PLEASE INFORM THE STAFF OF ANY ALLERGIES THAT A CAMPER MAY HAVE PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP.

How many counselors will be present?

There will be at least two counselors present at all times for each camp. For any camp that has over 10 children, there will be at least three counselors present at all times.

Is there an inclement weather plan?

In the case of inclement weather all campers and counselors will remain at the Marina or lake house.  The weather is regularly checked both visually and via radar.  If it is determined there is a possibility of inclement weather while we are out on the lake, we will immediately return to the lake house or closest Marina.   During this time we will play games and watch age appropriate movies.  DURING DAY CAMPS, should we anticipate that inclement weather cause us to miss an entire day on the lake, we will notify parents the night before and cancel camp for the following day.

What do we do in case of emergency?

Our counselors are all CPR certified and well equipped to deal with emergency situations. In case of an emergency 911 will be called and paramedics will be met at  the nearest meeting point as advised by an emergency phone operator.