The new boat is finally here and it is a MACHINE!  We took delivery of new boat last Saturday and had to wait an entire week to take her out due to poor weather conditions.  Needless to say this was the longest week of our lives, but the wait was well worth it.  The brand new 2015 SE 450 is a perfect tow boat for all riders, beginner to pros.  She has a nice soft pull out of the water, not too jerky, not too slow, juuuuuust right.  The SE also puts out a wake that is unrivaled in versatility.  The new swell surf system combined with Supra’s in Hull ballast and wake plate allow for the flattest most mellow wake for beginners all the way to the most massive surf wake on the market.

New boat features include:

  • Swell surf system for a ridiculously custom surf experience
  • Additional boat ballast totaling 3200 lbs that can kick up one mean wake when filled
  • Professional stereo system by AVC Marine (, so the fun doesn’t have to stop when we are just cruising around
  • PA System, so riders can learn in real time
  • Custom rider presets, so each rider gets their preferred wake every time
  • Flip up back seat for priority viewing of anyone being towed by the boat
  • One of my personal favorites: A trashcan compartment to finally do away with the token trash bag tied to the inside of the boat
  •  And Much, MUCH more

Checkout Supras website for more details on the SE and other amazing boats:

This is going to be a truly unrivaled summer of fun for wakelanier and all of our campers!