Our weekend camps offer the perfect opportunity for you and your family or a group of friends to experience a completely personalized lake experience.  These camps are completely customizable and accommodate all ages. Whether you want to spend two days progressing your skills, want a chauffer and some chill time, or anything in between, we can do it!  Our maximum capacity is 14 and discounts are offered for groups over ten!  These camps are available upon request only, so contact us for more information.

Since weekend camps are completely custom, you will need to contact us for a quote.  Discounts are offered for groups over 8!  We try to accommodate all requests, but common options are:

  • Housing: From camping under the stars or staying in a luxury home
  • Meals: Whether you want ham sandwiches or filet mignon we have you covered!
  • Additional Sessions:  Three sessions a day is standard but some riders want extra time on the water, and we can give it to them

Contact us now for a quote on your weekend adventure.